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Leaves an awful stump at the premise becomes a hazard and even attracts pests especially termites. Pest infested stump should be removed right away. With the help of a qualified arborist, you can remove stump the right way.

Can old tree stumps attract termites? Yes, it is can as termites like to live in places where moisture and wood are present and the stump can be a perfect place for wood-boring pests. Since stumps will rot and decay away completely, this can attract different types of insects which includes termites.

Before you call for stump grinding service, make sure that the termites are also eradicated. Just removing the stump may not remove the termites. These silent destroyers can also make their way into your home and when they do, this will cause another set of problems for you as you may have to focus on getting rid of them on your home.

Your arborist will take a look at the stump and remove the entire stump completely. They may also have to pace pesticides to kill the insects harbouring inside the stump.

To prevent pests from finding a way to your property, avoid keeping woodpiles, if not keep them far away from wood structures. Rotting wood attracts termites which can potentially enter your home. If you do store wood, make sure that it is off the ground on a metal surface and away from your house.

If you have trees or stumps that need removing, contact your arborist for tree removal and stump grinding Idooroopilly. They have the experience and expertise to remove it the right away, thus avoiding possible termite infestation.    

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