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Tree stumps are often considered safety hazards. This is why many homeowners after removing a tree use stump removal service. It is actually best if you can remove stump after tree removal to avoid the safety hazards that it brings.

Whether you just have a new stump or it has been there in your property for a long time, stump removal should be a top concern. Tree stumps in your yard are not just difficult to look at, but they can also bring several problems.

Pests love tree stumps

Tree stumps can attract different pests. One pest you want to avoid living in your stump are termites as these wood-eating bugs can infest your home once done with the stump. Termites naturally look for places to create a bigger colony and it is likely that your home is at risk of termite infestation if stumps are close to your home.

Also, a pest infested stump can affect the health of the other healthy trees around your property. Any plants and trees close to the stump with pests are not safe.

Hazard to foot traffic

Leaving the stump can cause physical hazard. People can easily stumble and fall over a stump and hurt themselves. Your lawn equipment cannot freely navigate around your lawn when stumps are left unremoved. It may cause damage to your equipment from trying to navigate around the stump.

The dangers of having stumps are endless, and you have different options on how to remove them. Whether you plan to do the process on your own or use stump grinding Deebing Heights, it is important that you remove the risks of leaving stumps in your yard.

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