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There are good reasons to remove a tree stump in your yard. If you are second guessing on whether you should remove a stump or not, here are the common hazards from leaving tree stumps in your yard:

Physical hazards. It is just a matter of time before someone trips over the stump and hurts himself or herself. If you have kids playing in the yard, they might trip over that stump and get hurt.

Stumps attract pests. Cockroaches, rodents, snakes, and different insects can populate the decaying stump. Pests look for shelter and food and the tree stump can provide both. Leaving an infested stump will put your property at risk of pest infestation. Sooner or later they will also find their way into your home, especially those wood boring pests like termites can easily spread and may start feeding on wood structures.

Stumps can spread disease. If you removed a diseased tree, leaving the stump can spread the disease to other nearby plants. One way to prevent the spread of disease to nearby plants is by getting rid of the diseased stump from your property.

How to safely remove tree stumps?

If you have a tree stump that you need to be removed from your property, better use professional services to safely remove tree stumps. It is tempting to do the job by yourself but doing so could result in damage to your property, and injure bystanders.

Instead, use stump grinding Bremer or stump removal services to safely and efficiently remove the stump from your property. These professionals are well equipped to complete the task.

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