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Removing a tree stump can be difficult, especially if the tree has a massive root system and has been in sitting on the ground for a very long time. Stump grinding Basin Pocket will make a difficult work much more manageable.

Why remove tree stumps? Here are the reasons why you should not leave tree stumps in your yard.

Stumps can attract insects. When the dead tree starts to decay, pests can come to live in the stump and make it their home.  Wood damaging pests such as termites can move from the stump to your home and cause inconveniences and possible damage to your property. Removing a stump keeps pests away from your yard and away from your home.

Stumps occupy valuable space 
Tree stumps make lawn mowing or weeding harder because you will have to find a way to maneuver around without damaging your equipment. Because of the grass and weeds are left around the stump, which looks bad. Removing tree stumps opens up valuable space in your yard that you can be used to grow a garden or for a useful purpose.

Stump can be a safety hazard. When you remove a tree and leave the stump, the roots can still grow and stump roots are problematic. These roots can cause cracks to pavement or create an uneven and unsafe path to walk on. They can damage your pipes and cause blockages to your sewage system. Also, stump roots can be tripping hazards to children playing in the yards.

If you have made the decision to remove a tree, you should also include hiring a professional tree service to remove the stump. 

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