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What’s the best way of removing an ugly tree stump in your yard? There are actually several different ways to get rid of tree stumps. For most homeowners, using a professional service is the most practical way to go.

Here are different methods to remove tree stumps:

Hand Digging
With a shovel, you dig out a stump. However, this is possible for very small trees with shallow roots. Some small trees may have tough roots which will make it laborious to get out with hand tools. The roots need to be exposed before cutting them, then it would be possible to pull the wood out.

Chemical Methods
Chemical is used to cause decomposition of a stump. However, there are some areas that do not allow the use of the most effective chemicals for stump removal. The process will take a month or months, depending on the condition of the stump, as you wait for the stump to decompose.

Stump Grinding
Stump grinding Barellan Point is the quickest and most thorough approach of removing tree stumps. A machine (grinder) can dig into the ground, grinding up the trunk and roots.  

This method demolishes the wood and turns it into an ideal composting material. Having a professional do this for you can accomplish the job in a matter of minutes, but largely depends on the size of the tree and the power of the grinder.

If you can work with heavy machinery and consider stump grinding yourself, there are grinders that you can rent at some home improvement stores. However, if you are not comfortable taking the job, you may just hire a professional service, which may be just as economical stump grinder hire.

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