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Palm trees make a great asset to your landscape and add that tropical look in your property. While these trees add that nice aesthetic for your garden, sometimes you will need to remove it for safety reasons.

When do you call an arborist for palm tree removal Collingwood Park? Here are some signs to look out for that warrants tree removal.

Infested by Pests

Pests infested palm tree might be an eyesore for you, causing damage to your tree. Pests such as palm aphids, spider mites, sucking insects, mealybugs, and caterpillars can affect the palm trees. Check the tree for these pests regularly as it can help ensure that they are not pest infested.

You may not see pest activities on the exterior, but see noticeable pest damage or infected the tree, then you might need to remove the tree.

Roots Growing Too Big

When you see the roots are becoming too large, then consider removing your tree. Overextending large palm tree roots may cause damage to your property and plumbing system. When this happens, the repair cost can be costly. So act on it as soon as possible if you suspect that your palm trees roots are becoming too big, especially when it stands at a nearby property or piping system.

Cause Trouble To Your Neighbour

You will have to remove a palm tree if your neighbour starts complaining about your tree. Overgrowing palm trees may block your neighbour’s natural light or poses danger to their property. If you receive complaints about your tree, you might want to talk with them first to control the tree by trimming. But if the tree seems unstable or is weak then it may be best have it removed.

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