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Arborists recommend tree pruning as it promotes good tree growth. If done at the right time, this will benefit the tree. There is one procedure most arborists will not recommend. That is tree topping. Here are some points why topping hurts trees.​

Topping leaves with weak, unstable limbs. Topping drastically trims large branches of a mature tree. It will create a weakly attached limb because they do not have a large branch to sprout from. Naturally, new limbs should have sprouted from a larger branch. When the tree is topped, the natural process of adding layers of wood that overlap branches then is cut.

Topping exposes the wood to damaging conditions. Once a tree is topped, the remaining shortened limbs provide easy access to decay, insects and disease. It will affect the tree’s growth and may lead to its demise.

Awkward tree growth. Topping instantly turn a once beautiful tree into a distorted one. Even if it has able to regrow, it will have an awkward look and lose its beauty and grace it once had.

Tree death. Topping does not help other tree species as this will impair their ability to capture light and turn them into food. In the worse case, it could lead to their early death.

In the long run, tree topping can prove to be a harmful misconception. The result of topping leaves a tree with weak, unstable limbs and a bare, unnatural appearance. The tree will either need extra care to stay alive or will eventually need tree removal.

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