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Do you know that some areas in Australia may require a permit before you can cut a tree? So be sure to get the approval of the city council if you want to go ahead with the removal or pruning of a tree on your property.

Every city council’s regulations may be different but many share the same positions when it comes to changes in vegetation and landscaping. Here are some rules that they may impose before they allow you to have a tree cut:

  • A heritage overlay, existing planning permit, or areas that have a lot of trees may need a council permit
  • Any trees and vegetarian in properties where homes shared occupancy, or if the property is over a certain size, the trees may be protected. Make sure to consult the council since removal without approval may result in a fine.
  • Protected species and areas of environmental significance will require approval and most native vegetation are closely monitored.

You may not need an approval if:

  • You need to remove or cut back the branches of a tree that presents an immediate risk to your vicinity.
  • In the event that a neighbour’s tree is posing a risk to your property, try to talk to your neighbour and find a solution to it.

If you are not certain whether you will need a council approval, you can always ask an expert in tree removal Redbank Plains to clarify any of your questions. Getting their approval may take some of your time, but once done, you can commence with your plans.

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