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We all know trees help our planet. Trees give us food, resources, medicine, prevent flooding and soil erosion and many more. Other than the benefits trees give us, they add that natural beauty in our surrounding. That said, trees need the love and care they deserve.

Proper pruning is one of the ways to maintain trees. You want your trees to be healthy for many years. Here are some pruning tips to keep your trees healthy and good looking.

Does the tree block your window view? You may think of chopping off the top of the tree to clear the window view, but that is not the solution you need. Thinning the tree will allow you to see the view through the tree, and this method is called a vista prune. It is best to remove taller thicker branches back to a lower branch. Do not top off a tree, 

Within a year, do not cut more than 25 per cent of the foliage of a tree. There is a tendency for people to remove half a tree’s growth in just one trimming to save time and effort. However, this is not necessary as this will not help the tree growth. The result of heavy trim may cause the tree to grow unhealthy, weak, weepy, and dangly. It forms an ugly tree weak to disease. 

When you plant a tree, know what you are planting and plant it in the right place. It helps tree growth when you plant it properly. You may want to consult your local tree loppers to help you decide the right tree for the right space before you go to the plantation.

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