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Gardening may seem an easy task but it can be hazardous. Many gardeners have fallen off ladders and have gotten injured from cutting tools. When the time comes to prune trees, roses and overextending shrubs it is also the time when the conditions are most likely to get rainy days, slippery muddy grounds and strong winds. So before you prune your plants and trees, consider these safety tips.

Plan ahead. Many possible hazards can be evaded by making a plan in advance, readying the right tools for the job in hand, preparing the right gear and keeping tools sharp and well maintained. 

Be pragmatic about your pruning experience and how ready you are for the task. If you choose to prune the tree on your own, identify the signs of fatigue and stop for a while to rest before you make an error through tiredness. It would be a smart call to let the professionals do intricate tree work, especially those utilising a chainsaw above shoulder height, up a ladder or tree, or where access is challenging. Professional arborists are well equipped for the job as they have the right safety equipment and harnesses to do the job efficiently and safely. ​

Wear complete protective gear. Safety first, do not forget to wear the right gear for the task. Put on a pruning helmet when cutting branches high over your head. Wear safety glasses or goggles to protect your eyes from flying debris snapping back in your face. Wearing a face mask protect you from breathing in sawdust and debris. Use ear muffs or plugs to protect ears while using chainsaws, wood chippers, and other loud equipment. Also, do not forget to wear well-fitting shoes or boots with non-slip soles appropriate for the scale of the job. Use steel-capped work boots when working with power tools.

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