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The gorgeous Royal Poinciana tree is loved by many often seen on streets and backyards. These trees grow fast and can get as tall as 50 feet. In full bloom, they can grow even wider than they are tall. There is a little-known Poinciana tree issues that can cause its demise if you don’t know about it and do something.​

Poinciana tree caterpillar infestation

The Poinciana tree caterpillar can damage the leaves. It crawls like an inchworm and likes to spin layers of thread on the branches. If your tree is infested with this pest, you will see many caterpillars climbing the tree after sunset.

Because of the fancy foliage of the tree, early infestation in the canopy may not be easy to notice. However, massive amounts of droppings on decks or sidewalks, or them ascending or descending the trunk will be noticed. This pest does not seem to be a problem for other plants or to animals.

What To Do To Protect Your Trees

Since Poinciana tree caterpillar infestation may come in thousands on the tree trunks, you consult an expert in arborist services or perhaps you need to call a pest control professional. When early infestation is spotted, you may be able to use burlap or the likes to wrap around the tree after sunset. In the morning, water the wrap in a soapy solution to get rid of the caterpillars. If it seems ineffective and the caterpillars still return and in increasing in numbers, call a professional pest control company to get rid of the tree pests.

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