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Living in a place surrounded by beautiful palm trees makes it very easy to make a statement. It adds that tropical elegance to your home. Palm trees need proper care to help you have a look good and healthy, otherwise problems may happen and serious problems may lead to palm tree removal Silkstone.

While you care for your palm trees and want the best care for them, avoid these palm tree care mistakes that will lead to pest and disease or even lead to the death of your beautiful tree.

Improper mulching. Palm mulching helps the tree maintain moisture and add colour to the landscape. On the other hand, when improperly placed or too much palm is placed can lead to trunk rot. Improper mulching can also cause abnormal root and palm development.

Improper pruning. Palm trimming is required for some species that are not self-cleaning palms such as Christmas palms where the palm fronds fall off. 

Palms like Coconut or Date palms need pruning or dead fronds removal to look pleasing. The most common mistake made is over-pruning of palm trees or pencil topping and this is harmful to palms. This kind of pruning is believed to make a palm tree hurricane ready. The truth is palm trees are hurricane ready by nature. Over-trimming palm trees cause the trunk to thin out over time making the palm shaky in a hurricane or in hi winds causing it to break. 

Improper watering. Most established palms do not require frequent irrigation. Having sprinkler heads directly spray water on palm or trunks can course the trunk to rot. Also, nozzles next to palms or constant irrigation to palms cause root rot which may lead to the death of the palm.

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