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It’s hard to see your palm tree removed but sometimes there are situations that warrant tree removal. Some strong reasons to remove your palm trees are;

  • Palm tree spikes can be dangerous. Some kinds of palm trees can be dangerous and if they spike you can leave you feeling irritable for days. The spikes of the tree can cut your skin and you will likely get bacterial or fungal infections at the point you got spiked.
  • The strong and deep roots of palm trees may affect or destroy plumbing and drainage systems. It’s impossible to dig around the root system so before it complicates the situation better get rid of the tree.
  • The fronds they drop don’t compost. They cannot be used as mulch or be shreded and will only take up most of your green bin’s space.
  • The fruit, berries, nuts, seeds they drop on your roof that can ruin your lawn, mark your car or roof, decay, smell and be an unwanted mess. They can also be a trip hazard.
  • They can attract rates, snakes, bats and other unwanted animals you might not want being in your yard.
  • They do not provide the same shade or privacy as hardwood shade trees.

You may also choose to remove palm trees when you are developing your property, for aesthetic improvement, or because it has died. 

Who should take down a palm tree?

When you need palm trees removed in your yard, consider calling for a local palm tree removal Muirlea and ask for a free quote. Tree removal experts can get the job done for less than your time and effort. But if you choose to do it yourself, make sure you know what you are doing and do it safely.

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