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Having trees in your yard adds natural beauty n your property and offers a lot of great benefits. But at times, trees can cause trouble for you and your property when branches become hazardous to you and your home. Whatever the hazards it creates, better remove it if necessary.

What happens when branches touch the rooftop of your home? When tree branches extend to your roof, this can be dangerous to your home as this can cause:

  • Mold and leaks due obstruction of leaves falling onto the roof or in the gutter
  • Dangers during a storm where the tree branches may fall on the roof
  • Damage to asphalt due to the branches scraping against the shingles on a windy day.

When you planted your tree and was not able to consider the dangers of the tree as it continually grows, it can be unsafe when it is finally touching your house. Even if it’s your neighbour’s tree branches trespassing in your property line, you have the right to trim the limbs that extend to your property. But, make sure to discuss with your neighbor that you are going to cut part of their tree to avoid problems with them.

How to cut a tree? 

While the branches overhanging your roof can cause problems, trimming it on your own is not a good idea. It can cause further damage, especially if you are unsure about what to do. Any slight mistake can be dangerous for the whole tree, so it is mostly recommended to contact an arborist and discuss the tree’s issues.

Tree removal is not an easy task, especially when dealing with a sturdy tree such as palm trees. Whether you need palm tree removal Ipswich or any tree services, better leave the job to the experts.

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