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Arborists are trained in the care and treatment of plants and trees. These tree care experts know proper ways of insect control and disease diagnosis, including fertilization and pruning. Here we explain the 4 benefits of hiring an arborist.

Tree Planting. A professional arborist knows how, where, and when to plant trees of different species to ensure the tree’s health. They also the importance of considering other factors such as light, insects, growing space, and neighboring plants when planting trees

Tree Pruning. Pruning is essential for appearance and safety reasons and is important for the overall health of the tree when it has dead, damaged, or diseased branches. It also promotes better growth and helps it withstand severe weather conditions and lessen storm damage.

Tree Removal. Arborists will always try to save a tree, but in some instances, tree removal may be the only choice. A tree assessment will take place before they plan a course of action to take to help a tree. The tree will be safely removed when the need arises. They can do palm tree removal Flinders View and handle most type of tree.

Other Services. Arborist services are valuable during emergencies, such as when a storm damaged a tree or blows branches onto power lines, and can sometimes place lightning protection systems. Many arborists also provide stump grinding services and can evaluate tree values for landowners. â€‹

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