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Need a palm tree in your garden removed? While this may not be what you want, some situations call for palm tree removal Brassall. It may be because of property development, obstruction or hazards. But once removed, it leaves a stump. What should you do with the stump on the ground? 

There are good reasons to remove a tree stump. Here’s why you should not leave a stump in your yard.

Annoying tree stumps

A tree stump is an obstruction in your yard. It can make moving around troublesome, especially when mowing the lawn. It can be difficult to maneuver around a tree stump, and you might end up on top of it and damaging your lawnmower or weedwhacker. When this happens, it will cost you more as you have to spend money to have your equipment prepared.

Open invitation to pests

Stumps are easy targets for pests. As it rots out, the wood becomes a perfect home for pests. Pests like beetles, ants, and termites like rotting wood. Pest infested stumps close to a property raises risks of pests making their way to the property. It may not be a problem with your garden, they will cause problems for wood structures nearby, especially termites. To help protect your home and property from wood-eating pests, it is best to remove the tree along with the stump.

Dangers of tree stumps

While you become accustomed to stump presence in your yard it may be easy for you to avoid them. However, this may not be the case for visitors and neighbours who do not know the landscape. Tree stumps cut low to the ground may cause tripping danger. For example, you’re hosting a gathering and your guests who are not familiar with your yard might not see the tree stump and could end up falling and hurting themselves. 

Also, stumps are sure hazards to children and seniors. It is best to remove them to avoid accidents. Use stump removal services to eliminate the hazards stumps bring to your yard.

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