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Falling tree or branches can damage property and knock someone out. You should check your trees for weak trunks and overextending branches. Well-maintained trees can save you, your friends, family, neighbours, or simply strangers passing by from getting injured by a falling tree branch.

The speed of a falling tree trunk or branch is approximately 35 km/hr. Can you take a hit this fast? It can be dangerous because individuals are often hit in the head, which can result in a serious injury and fatal head trauma.

Your home is not safe if a nearby tree falls itself or drops a branch onto your roof or through a wall. Trees near power lines often raise the risks and endanger lives when not maintained.

It is necessary to check trees for any possible hazard. Fortunately, you can call for arborist services for all your tree service needs. You can protect yourself and those around you quickly and easily. 

While we hate to see a tree cut down, some situations warrant for tree removal due to safety concerns. Do you need palm tree removal Booval? You can call for your local arborist for the job. You may send photos of nearby trees to the arborist for assessment. They can determine if your home is safe and if it requires service too.

If your tree poses safety risks, worried about your trees, overhanging branches, or palms call for arborist services. Often, they can provide you with a free quote and an explanation of how we can make your home safe.

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