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Newtown Arborist – Common Tree Emergencies

You have a tree emergency if the entire tree is about to fall or a large branch has fallen. These situations can be dangerous not just for the nearby property but also for those living around it. The most common time when an emergency happens is during extreme weather conditions.

Storms and a strong gust of wind can cause damage to trees, especially weak ones. Some of the common tree emergencies include:

Tree damage by extreme weather. Trees that are impacted by the weather condition can also be dangerous. The tree may get damaging blows such as cracking of the trunks or split.

Tree damage by pest infestation. Trees that are harbouring pests can be damaging. It will have a big impact on the structural integrity tree. Infested trees also poses risk to nearby properties.

Traffic hazards. When a damaged tree causes traffic hazards, call a tree removal service.

Tree damage by lightning strikes. It rarely happens but when it does, this can partially take down the entire tree or limb. It can have a big impact on the whole home or yard.

What To Do

Dealing with tree emergencies can be startling. However, do not panic as a certified Newtown arborist can help clear the hazards. In the event of a tree falling on your home, your main concern should be to make sure that everyone is safe. Stay away from the unsafe area, do not try to check if it is safe. The best thing you can do is to contact a professional right away.

A qualified arborist knows the best way to safely assess the emergency and identify whether there is a chance to save it or to permanently remove it. Just the same, a professional arborist can tell you easily if the tree needs removal.

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