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Trees benefit us in many ways, but a falling tree can be hazardous not just for people but for properties nearby. Whether the tree fell onto your property or car, the damage it can do can be very serious, even if it is just one branch falling.​

Tree removal is a good solution, especially if the tree suffers from a disease or is wrecked by extreme weather. You can tell if a tree is sick or dying when you see mold growth, cracks in limbs or trunk, or splintering bark. If you find any abnormalities with your trees, mainly those close to your home, better contact a specialist and have it removed.

Hazard tree

A tree failure happens when a tree or large part of a tree shatters and falls. Trees become a potential hazard to nearby properties. If a tree were to fall on your property, you might have to spend thousands of dollars for the repair. If it is your car, you may even need a new one. Also, the dangers of a tree falling to people and pets can be life-threatening.

Falling trees can also damage power lines, roofs and can cause different sorts of chaos. To prevent trees from falling in the first place, you need to make sure that they are healthy and the soil holding them in place is also secure.

How to avoid falling trees

Prevention is the best action. Observe a tree health program as soon as possible.  Choosing the right tree for your property and proper placement of trees prevent many hazard problems. 

The best way to avoid possible problems of a tree falling is to make sure that they are planted in a safe place. But if the trees are already on your property, proper pruning and monitoring can help good tree growth and avoid fall. Contact your Ipswich tree surgeon to make sure that your trees are still healthy and strong.

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