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Healthy trees bring natural beauty to your property. Contrarily, a diseased or dead tree is not only unsightly but also put people and nearby property at risk. It must be cut down for safety reasons. For Ipswich tree removal, call for a certified arborist  to do the job.

You can easily tell if a tree is sick or dead. Here are some indications of a sick or dead tree.

Signs of pest infestation

Pesky insect borers are attracted to weakened, damaged, dying or dead plants. Pest infestation is an indication that a tree is dying. Deceasing trees due to pest infestation have signs like thinning leaves, leaves with holes bored, unusual leaf sizes, discolouration of leaves, hindered branch growth, holes or loose bark on the trunk and lifting of the underground portion of the tree.

Weakened tree structure. Dying trees has structural problems, this presents the danger of branches falls off or the tree itself falls over. Severe weather conditions can easily topple sick or dying trees. Sometimes, the structural problem is not visible. An arborist has special tools to determine if a tree is hollow or has a problem inside.

Hollow tree. How do you know if a tree is hollow on the inside? Squirrel holes is a sign that the tree is hollow on the inside. It is best to remove the tree to prevent any tree-related accident. 

Mushroom and fungal growth. Another sign of a drying tree is when mushrooms start to appear on the side of the ground. Fungi eat wood, if mushrooms sprout around the root system or the base of the tree, the tree is in danger. That tree might be at risk of falling over.

If you see any of these signs to your tree, call a certified arborist for any tree services you need. Arborists do not suggest removal right away. They will assess the tree condition and see if they can save the sick tree.

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