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Tree stumps easily attract pests. See termite activities in them? You will want to get rid of the termites in the stump to avoid termite-related issues with nearby wooden structures. These wood-boring pests will look for their next target when their food source runs out and it could be your home.

How do you know if a tree stump is infested with termites? Here are indications of termites in tree stumps.

There is termite activity when you see a colony in the middle part of a tree stump. These wood-boring insects eat all of the wood to protect the colony. The root system makes a perfect nest for termites and from there they will look for food supply.

Surface mud indicates termite presence. These external mud-workings are tunnels used by termites to move in the area.

Should you remove a pest-infested stump?

A pest-infested tree stump can cause several problems. Termites find tree stumps an ideal food source and a great nesting location. It is best to remove pest-infested stumps, especially if they are close to wood structures. 

There are ways to kill termites in a stump. Since termites do most of their activities in the centre of the tree or stump, inject a non-repellent poison for termites to stop their activity. Drill a hole to inject the termite control product. Alternatively, you may call a termite control expert to help you get rid of termites in the tree stump.

Removing the pest-infested stump dismisses the hazards. For more efficient tree service, call an experienced arborist for stump grinding service.

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