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Trees can create damage on properties if a storm hits your area. If you own a tree and damage another property or injure someone, you will be personally liable. After a storm, it is your responsibility to inspect your tree and see if it would cause possible problems. Remember that even if you think the problem is minor it could be also significant and should not be taken lightly.

Here is what you should look for:

·         Branches that are touching power lines

·         Uneven canopy

·         Hanging branches or split branches

·         Anomalies in the soil

·         Possible places for insects to nest

Contact a certified arborist if you find such issues since tree branches that have been affected by storms can be unpredictable and break suddenly. When you hire professional arborist services Newtown, they will be able to assess the tree and provide proper guidance whether the tree will just require pruning or if it needs removal.

Here are common tree injuries they may experience after a storm and what you can do:

Broken branches. For smaller damaged branches, you can prune them right away even without calling your local arborist. For tree limbs that are broken, you can prune them in the area where the larger branch joins them. Make sure to prune smaller damaged branches that are just near the base of the tree and give the task of pruning larger limbs that are higher up to professionals.

A split tree. You do not have to do anything if the splits are just small like paper cuts in the skin because they mostly heal on their own, but for a deeper gash in an infant branch, you can strip it free and sand it and smooth it so that it can start its healing process. Make sure to contact an experienced arborist for severe split damages.

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