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What to do with the stump after tree removal? It does not serve any purpose on the ground, but instead, creates potential dangers to people and perhaps nearby properties. Tree stumps can easily become trip-hazard to kids and home a home for termites and other pests that may eventually reach nearby structures. These are some of the common stump hazards.

Arborist services for tree stump removal dismiss the hazards of leaving it on the yard. However, most homeowners are concern about the cost as they think the removal can be expensive.

Different Ways Of Tree Stump Removal

Tree stump only reminds you of your favourite tree that used to be there. Also, it occupies a valuable amount of space and a likely hazard. Letting the remains of a tree in the form of a residual stump is worthless. That’s why stump removal is the way to go.

However, there are several ways that tree stump removal can be done:

  • You can use professional stump removal services to remove it, especially hard stumps.
  • You can rent a grinder machine that you can use to remove a tree stump. However, you have to know how to use the machine, otherwise, let an expert do the job for you.
  • You can use chemical stump removal products to enhance the rotting process.
  • Manually dig out a stump along with its roots.
  • As an alternative, many people prefer to burn away the stumps.

While many easily assume tree stumps are nothing to worry about, still letting them stay on the ground present hazards. Tree stump removal clears away these dangers.​

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