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Unsightly tree stumps in the garden raises safety hazards. After tree removal, many homeowners know the struggle of having one or a lot on their property. It is best if you can deal with this problem as soon as you can.

Tree stumps can be distinctly resilient and may put up a good fight as you try to remove them. Deep-rooted stumps may require some skills to remove them altogether. Whether you enlist the help of a stump grinding or stump removal company, there are basic methods for tree stump removal.

Burn stump out

This method of stump removal requires a few key tools and materials. This method may take a lot of time, it is an effective way to clear stumps when done the right way. While the oxygen-bathed outer portions of the stump will burn right away, the internal portions may take a bit of time.

Since the process requires fire, make sure to do it carefully. Also, different kinds of commercial accelerants are available in the market to make the process faster. Follow the directions of the manufacturer to use the product safely.

Stump grinding

Grinding is the most common method when dealing with tree stumps. This process of stump removal Ipswich is much safer and convenient. Arborists and landscapers mostly recommend stump grinding and should also be considered the first option.

The job requires the use of a cutting machine. It is easier as the stump grinder will chew the stump with its chisel-like teeth that are placed on a spinning disc. However, the use of a stump grinder requires experience. If it is your first time using a cutting machine, be very careful as the equipment is not a plaything. It is better to call for a professional stump grinding service provider.

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