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Why should you plant a tree in your property? In this day and age, should you care about them? Since we mostly live in this planet, of course it is our duty to care for trees since trees the benefits of having trees are more than enough reason to plant one or more.

If your property allows you to plant trees, then why not consider planting them. Trees are great air purifier, they also help save energy and are in a great battle against global warming. Here are more reasons why trees are cool:

Trees vs climate change. Trees mostly absorb harmful carbon dioxide. They store the carbon and release the oxygen back into the air which in a way, they fight against climate change.

Trees clean the air. Trees also absorb nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, ammonia and ozone which are mostly odours and pollutants. A single tree can actually absorb a close to 10 pounds of polluted air and release 260 pounds of oxygen.

Trees stop soil erosion and rainwater runoff. The significant importance of trees can be seen during heavy rains as the water finds its destination to lakes, wetlands and streams. When trees are not present, this can present flooding. Soil erosion can also bring a problem as there are no roots to hold them in place. However, if trees are present, this will hinder possible soil erosion and rainwater runoff.

​Planting trees is for everyone. While some may say that gardening requires special hands and special skills, but the truth is, you just need to love them and eventually they will grow. To better understand what trees are best suited on your property, ask a professional in arborist services Deebing Heights as they also love trees and will provide with great advice on where you should plant your trees.

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