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Arborist Tree Removal – Common Types Of Emergency To Call For The Experts

Without proper tree maintenance, you run the risk of weak or dying trees damaging your property or injuring someone. There are some causes why individuals find themselves needing emergency tree service. 

Arborist Tree Removal

Your tree may have a tree emergency if the tree is about to fall or a branch has fallen. Such an emergency can be dangerous not just for the property but for those living there. The most common time when an emergency can happen is during a storm or spontaneous rough weather. Here are some of the common types of tree emergency that warrants arborist services:

Fallen Tree

If a tree has fallen on your property, damaging your home, car or power lines, you may need to call for arborist tree removal service. 

Weather Damage

Heavy rain, severe wind, and lightning can turn trees into hazards. Broken branches and leaning trees raise the danger to people and nearby property. After a storm, you may want to inspect the trees on your property, looking for possible hazards. Call an emergency tree service to evaluate the need for branch or tree removal.

Infected or infested tree

Trees harboring pests weakens the structural integrity of the tree. It can be dangerous to nearby property. While some trees in the early stages of infestation can be saved, many are past due for removal. Consult a qualified arborist to know if your tree is treatable or needs to be removed. If removal is the best solution, do so as soon as possible. 

Call for arborist services

Dealing with such emergencies can be troublesome, but you should not panic since you can get the service of an arborist. In the event of a tree falling on your home, your primary concern should be making sure that everyone is safe. Leave the tree work to the experts. 

A qualified arborist can evaluate the emergency and determine whether the tree can still be saved or permanently removed. Expert tree service providers can tell you if you need to get rid of a tree before an accident happens.

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