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Trees need proper maintenance to promote growth, prevent overgrowth removed damaged branches. Also, well-maintained trees create better landscaping. Whatever your reasons are, your trees need pruning to keep it in good condition.

Pruning a tree can be simple and there are sections that you can even do yourself, but in most situations, you may need arborist services Woodend to do the job for you. Mistakes in pruning can hurt the tree, cause diseases and attract insects. Proper trimming should always be applied so that the branches can heal properly.

While you can cut smaller and more manageable branches, it is best to call the professionals to take care of larger limbs and branches as these branches can be heavy and may be hazardous for you to do it on your own.

Autumn and winter months are the best times to trim trees because it is easier to access the branches while there is less sap may be lost during this time. It also reduces the stress given to the tree.

Trimming a living tree is done in a methodical process. Start with the smaller ones and remove them in segments. Then work on larger limbs, remove them in three segments. The first cut should prevent the bark from splitting and should be done at the bottom of the limb. The second one should be done a few inches from the notch and should be done all the way through so that when the third cut is made, the branch will not create an uneven weight which could result to splitting. The branch collar’s angle should be followed when cutting the last one.

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