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Trees naturally do a lot of pretty amazing things most people are unaware of or just ignore. But as we grow older, we see how important they are and the real value they have. With that in mind, here are some of the benefits of trees to us:

Environmental benefits

Aside from knowing that trees absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air and then store it, and last releasing oxygen back in the atmosphere, trees also absorb different kinds of pollutants so that we do not inhale them like nitrogen oxide, dust, sulphur dioxide, ammonia, and the likes.

Trees also serve as a natural storm drain. They do this with the use of their root systems and absorb the water which will result in the prevention of soil erosion and the reduction of water pollutant in the area.

Health benefits

While trees are helping the environment, they are also helping the people around them. Trees naturally clean pollutants which in turn create cleaner air. Trees also provide cooler streets and provide great shade for pedestrians as they protect them from the harmful UV rays.

People in urban areas that have access to more green spaces are also less stressed since they are more able to promote physical activities. Studies have shown that people living in areas with more trees have lower blood pressure and better respiratory health.

Social benefits

Trees provide natural privacy for homes since they can block views for other people to look at them. In addition, trees create a natural form of insulation that lessens noise pollution in a neighbourhood.

Trees help to improve our quality of life. We’ll have to use arborist services West Ipswich to keep trees in good health.

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