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Trees are mostly dormant during winter, but that does not mean that they are protected from the elements. They are prone from hibernating animals and the cold season. If you are concern for your trees health, look for arborist services Bremer to help you with them. Here are some ways you can help trees this season:

Mulch. As it is still in the early winter stage, why not add a thin layer of no more than 2 inches of mulch beneath the tree’s dip line. This will help in insulating the roots and soil during extreme temperatures. This will also aid in slowing down water loss. However, you will have to be careful when mulching since pests can invade it and make it their winter quarters. Do not pile the mulch directly against the tree trunk and wait until the ground freezes to avoid pest infestation.

Water. Watering the trees, especially the newly planted ones is necessary through fall and until the ground freezes.

Wrap. Protect your trees by covering the trunk with crepe paper tree wrap. This is to avoid rupturing and creating cracks in the trunk called sunscald. Sunscald mostly happens on trees that are located on the south or west sides of homes or buildings. Once spring comes you can remove the wrap.

Prune. Winter also provides a good time to use arborist services as they can easily the structure of the tree and identify if there are problems with the branches. Pruning during their dormant time can also lessen damage to the tree and prevent the spread of diseases.

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