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When it comes to transplanting a tree from one location to the next, what factors go into pricing? The truth is, tree care professionals will estimate the cost by including the size of the tree, the time needed, the equipment that will be used and manpower in doing it, and its transportation to its new location.

The size of the tree

As you can see, moving a larger tree from point A to point B requires a lot of work compared to an average size tree. When your arborist recommends transplanting, they also need to determine if the tree can handle the stress since there are also some negative effects such as root system loss during the removal and the environmental effects of a new location.


Tree care professionals mostly work by the hour. The more difficult the task is and the longer it takes, the more cost to you.

Equipment and crew

To have your tree safely transplanted, you may use arborist services Sadliers Crossing as these tree care experts are equipped with specialized tools to get the job done. For small trees, however, transportation may not be as complicated and may not be that expensive.

Transporting to a new location

The price will also be affected if the new location needs to be prepared or worst it is difficult to reach. Your arborist will discuss these situations with you since they will consider the safety and health of the tree before its removal and its transplanting. Any conditions that can also affect the price will be discussed by a certified arborist.

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