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Planting trees will give your property an improved look plus your land will increase in value. However, you may encounter some bumps along the way as the trees won’t seem to grow.

Here are some reasons why this could be so:

Planting the wrong tree. Not every tree is suitable for your property since some are better placed in specific areas. So before you decide to plant a tree make sure that the tree it is best suited to your garden.

Planting at the wrong place. Some areas in your garden may have too much moisture or not enough moisture, or the soil may just have the wrong levels of clay and if you plant in such an area, it is inevitable that your tree will not grow.

Wrong way of digging. Planting a tree is not as simple as just digging a hole and placing the tree there. Tree roots mostly need a lot of space in order for it grows and if the hole is not that big, this could bring problems and the tree will not grow.

Ignoring the trees after planting. New trees most especially need constant monitoring and love. Most of those who plant trees simply ignore this because they think, the tree will just do their job and grow after being planted. Part of your task is to monitor the tree’s progress and identify issues that may arrive.

As you care for your trees and problems still arise, better use arborist services Riverview and discuss your concerns about tree care. They will be better able to guide you on why your trees are not growing as they should be.

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