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Trees are important and useful for us. Having trees in your yard has advantages in many ways. And while this is certainly something to be grateful of, the reality is many of these trees are coping to stay healthy. 

One reason why trees may be struggling to stay healthy is that homeowners are making some mistakes in taking care of them. Here are some of the common tree care and planting mistakes homeowners do:

Frequent tree watering

Water is important to trees need to remain strong and healthy, but it is vital to know when to water them. Trees need the right amount of water and at the right time.

Frequent watering is not good for trees because it makes shallow and weak root systems. As a result, the tree may become unstable since the roots were not able to go deeper as it should be. On the other hand, proper tree watering will allow the tree to create deeper roots that are more stable and wind-resistant.

Planting tree too deep

Although the reason why many do this is to make sure that the tree will be stable enough, planting a tree too deep in the ground may cause the tree to die. A deeply planted tree endangers the trunk as it will be exposed to too much moisture. Excessive moisture will allow fungi and bacteria to attack the trunk.

Planting a tree in the wrong place

As much as you want to plant a certain tree in your yard, it is important to consider the right tree in your yard. Some trees may not be fit to plant in your area and may die in the end. To make sure that the tree you want to plant will grow in your area, ask your local arborist for the right kinds of tree that can grow in your location. You will also find arborist services One Mile useful for your tree planting project. 

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