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This winter, why not give your trees more love by having them pruned especially those fruit trees that have given us a lot during the warmer months. It is recommended to trim them to encourage a great framework within your fruit trees.

Although pruning will not directly improve the quality of fruit production. However, this will take care any of the problems that the trees may have during their hyper-growth phases as this phase can negatively impact the tree’s ability to stay strong. Not taking care of the tree may result to having the limb snap or worse, having the trunk crack.

To help you take care of your trees this winter, use arborist services Leichhardt as he will be able to get the job done effectively and efficiently without damaging the tree. They will be able to remove dead, damaged or diseased wood in sections where you may not have seen.

Your arborist will also thin the spaces between each branch to let air and light go into the canopy. This is to reduce pest activity and possible infection that can come into the tree. They will get rid of any detractions and create a well-spaced appearance of the tree.

Also, your arborist will remove seasonal growth by up to 25% which is enough to create a good growth without allowing bad branches to grow during its regenerating months. If you are uncertain how tree pruning can benefit your trees this winter, talk to your arborist as they can help you properly take care of your trees.

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