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While spring in Australia will come after a couple of months from now, but it still a good time to think about your yard and how you can help the beauty of your landscape. As advised by arborists, mulching is one of the most important aspects to care for your trees and plants. However, this is also one of those tasks that most gardeners overdo, which can also greatly affect your plants.

Remember: If mulching is done improperly, you can kill your trees and plants. Mulching is one of the arborist services Kholo you can take when you need help.

Find the right kind of mulch. When done correctly, mulching can affect the quality of the soil as it will have added valuable nutrients. This will help in retaining moisture, stopping weeds from growing and protecting roots from possible damage.

Finding the right kind of mulch is actually not that difficult since they are mostly available at your local landscape supply centre. A common composition of mulch is made of shredded hardwood bark as it helps the soil to break down.

How much mulch is enough? More is not actually good for trees as most think that the more mulch you place on your trees or plants, the better and healthier they will become. As a rule of thumb better spread two to three inches of much spread three to ten feet around the base.

​What is the right way to apply mulch? Mimic what the natural environment of trees look like as they are mostly surrounded by organic materials. Placing the mulch this way will help in regulating the right temperature of the soil while retaining moisture.

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