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If you truly love your trees, you give them that extra loving care they mostly need. There are even some individuals who feel devastated once they can’t save their trees and it is needed to be removed. If you do not want that to happen to your tree and if it is sick or hazardous, better consider placing a cable bracing on it before it becomes too late.

If you want to save a tree from structural weakness, cable bracing one of the arborist services Karana Downs to consider.

What is cable bracing?

Cable bracing is meant for trees that have become weak and their integrity to stand tall is compromised. When a cable brace is placed, you are allowing the tree to get back on its roots. It is also a non-invasive procedure that lets the tree to grow with ease as it does not interfere with the tree structure.

How is it done?

Once an arborist decides to use cable bracing, they should only use a reputable high-quality system as this guarantees that the tree will not get damaged as well as the surrounding trees and plants. The tree may be given trimming to achieve the best recovery as they can give the tree a light tree pruning or total limb-lopping, which will depend on the severity of the condition.

When should the brace be removed?

Depending on the rate from which the tree corrects itself will be the basis of when the brace will be removed. Your arborist will be able to suggest you a timeline of recovery over their subsequent visits.

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