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Arborist Services – How To Prevent Fallen Trees

Sometimes a tree uproots without warning, and a falling tree can be hazardous not just for you but to nearby structures. Whether the tree fell onto your property or car, even if it is just one branch falling, it can cause significant damage.

Tree removal is a good solution, especially if the tree is ravaged by disease or uprooted by extreme weather. Common symptoms of sick or damaged trees include mould, cracks in limbs or trunk, or splintering bark. Abnormalities with the trees, mainly those close to your home, are a concern that requires arborist help.

Is your tree going to fall over?

The damage of a tree or branch falling on your property can be costly. If it is your car, you may even need a new one. Also, the dangers of a tree falling to people and pets can be life-threatening.

A tree with multiple trunks or splits in one trunk can be unstable. The problem can be serious when it falls on power lines and roofs. Such a situation can create different sorts of chaos. To prevent it from happening in the first place, you need to make sure that they are healthy and the soil holding them in place is also secure. 

Look for overextending branches touching power lines and have them trimmed by an expert. Usually, power companies have workers specifically trained to cut branches touching power lines and have special equipment to protect them from electrical shock.

Best way to avoid falling trees

How do you avoid falling trees? The best way to avoid possible problems of a tree falling is to make sure that they are planted in a safe place. Ensuring they are pruned and inspected regularly helps secure a healthy and vigorous tree thaw will not fall. Use arborist services to ensure that your trees are still healthy and secure.

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