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In some part of Australia bushfire season starts in winter. No one wants to experience bushfires but there are a lot of cases in Australia where this happens and it is most frequent during the dry season. 

If your garden and trees have experienced fire and want and want to restore burned trees, do it as quickly as possible. It is not just for the trees but also the safety of your property.

How to help fire-damaged tree?

Tree removal may be necessary. If the tree has been severely damaged and is near your home or property, it would be safe to remove it as this poses risk to you, nearby property and trees. However, if the badly-damaged tree is not near any structure, you might be able to save it. Water the tree and consult an arborist if to assess the tree if it can be saved or extracted.

Restore them. Many trees can heal after fire, depending on the severity and duration of the burn and extent of dehydration. The heat dries up the whole tree which includes the roots. Make sure that the soil is moist at all times to help the tree back to its health. You can place a hose on the ground and slowly pour water into it.

It is also likely that the canopy of the tree is also destroyed and may result in further damage from the sun, to avoid this, wrap the trunks and major branches in tree wrap.

Use arborist services Fernvale as they have effective methods of helping damaged trees. The sooner you ask for assistance, the faster you can help them from recovering.

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