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Pruning is an important gardening work. Proper tree pruning encourages healthy growth and flowering and good looks. On the other hand, if not done correctly it could affect the health of the tree which may lead to its death. 

One way to avoid pruning mistake is by using arborist services East Ipswich. A certified arborist can help you take care of your trees in your yard. 

Should you prune your trees yourself?

You should know the right cut that will not harm the tree. You need to be careful not to cut too much as it can affect the health of the tree.

Tree trimming is considered as one of the most dangerous jobs because of the high rate of injury. The work involves a lot of manual labour and you will have to be extra careful if you intend to prune your trees yourself. The task will involve climbing trees and using special tools for pruning. You need to know how to carefully operate chainsaws and handsaws. 

The use of cutting tools at elevated heights should be done carefully. Can you operate a chainsaw while standing on a ladder? Using chainsaw on a ladder is a dangerous work, which is why experience and safety gears are necessary. So if you are not sure you can do the work properly, then use arborist services to be on the safe side.

Hiring an arborist is your most practical solution to take care of your trees. Professional tree workers are trained to do proper tree pruning and knows how to avoid any work-related damage and injuries. 

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