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It is not that easy to take care of a garden and you may be a bit in a panic if you find that one of your favourite trees is being threatened by an infectious disease. There are a lot of things that can happen to your trees and they may need urgent tree care.

Before you call arborist services Dinmore to help you with tree services, here are some things that can help your tree’s health.

1. There are many reasons why a tree might get sick while some illnesses can easily be cured, others may be difficult to cure and at times can be the cause for a tree to die. Help your tree by examining its conditions around the base as this will give you a better view of what is happening with it. Search for raised soil, damage in soil made by pests, rotting growth overall lean, or exposed root systems.

2. Inspect bark and its structure since if it has been continually tampered or damaged, this can also cause the tree to be susceptible to disease. Keep in mind that a tree that has been ring-barked intentionally or accidentally may eventually die especially if the bark was removed from the mid-section.

3. Check the limbs and external reaches of the tree especially in areas where there are no leaves and the other section of the tree has good foliage. Check also for leaves discolouration, oddly leaf structure, and yellow or block leaves spotting.

Once you have identified the tree’s problem, you can either treat the problem or hire an arborist to help your tree further. If you are not certain about what your next would be, it is better to contact a pro to get your tree the proper care.

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