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The trees in your yard bring that pleasing and refreshing atmosphere around your home. To keep them in good condition, you need to take care of them and from time to time they need trimming

Look at your tree and it may need trimming. So how do you know if your tree needs trimming? We take a look at the signs that your tree needs trimming.

Your tree will need trimming when it sends up suckers. These upright branches appearing on the base of the tree is a sign that the tree needs help.

Overhanging branches. Remove overhanging branches and roots to your boundary line. Also, the branches should be trimmed if they are interfering with power lines.

Crossing branches. Crossing branches can hurt the tree. The branches should spread outward without competition to allow every branch to have proper sunlight and grow healthy.

Dead branches. These are very brittle, unstable and pose a dangerous situation. A strong wind can cause these branches to fall, if large enough, it can damage your home or hurt someone. 

Weak or diseased branches.  This tree problem hits the integrity of the branches and the affected branches can fall down without a warning. This is a sign that the tree needs to be trimmed to avoid dangerous situations.

If the branch is hitting your head. Remove the low tree branch to avoid getting hit in the head. A hit in the head by a branch can cause serious head injury.

It is important to note that proper trimming is important because doing it wrong may affect the health of the tree. You may want use arborist services Brassall to make sure that your tree gets proper trimming.

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