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Arborist Help – Is There Really A Difference Between Arborists And Tree Loppers?

There are tree specialists you can call for your tree service needs. However, do you need an arborist help or a tree lopper? There is a difference between the two.

It is worth noting that a tree lopper is not an arborist. They are both in the tree service industry, but the two professions demand diverse skillsets to learn, and there are differences. Tree loppers have no formal training, and they lack the knowledge needed in some tree work like pruning. Arborists are tree experts trained to follow tree pruning standards and care to ensure the best results for the tree, the ecosystem and safety.

The job of a tree lopper usually involves heights like the roof, but their main task is cutting branches. They well-equipped with cutting tools like a chainsaw to cut branches. Trained arborists can use cutting tools too, including various tools for different tree services. While tree lopper receives proper training, the training taken by an arborist is more comprehensive. 

In conclusion, the key difference between a tree lopper and an arborist comes down to training and experience. So, if you’re looking to hire a tree lopper or an arborist for your job, you should be clear on what kind of tree work you need to get the right person for the tree service you need. It helps to know the areas of their specialisation to get the best tree care and maintenance possible. Hiring the right person for the task ensures a proper service that delivers good result. 

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