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While day-to-day tree maintenance is a task most property owners can do, when it comes to tree health and safety you need a skilled expert to do the job for you. Arborists are well equipped to provide tree services such as diagnosing disease or pruning mature trees to protect them.

Attempting to do major tree work yourself comes with the possibility of risking injury to you and others or damage to a nearby property. You will want to leave the work to someone with experience in tree services to take care of the tree work you need. 

So how do you hire an arborist? Before you hire an arborist, there are points to consider. 

  • Look for companies that have a team of certified tree care specialists. However, not all Alexander tree service companies offer certified tree personnel so make sure you hire a qualified arborist. You can search for companies with good reputations and ratings in local directories online and other customer review sites.
  • A good company should present you with proof of insurance. An insured tree service company ensures you that they will be liable in case of any work-related accident and any damage that may happen during the service.
  • Ask for a written assessment and not just a verbal agreement. The written agreement should clearly state the work coverage and the estimated cost. A reliable company will not proceed with any additional work without the consent of the customer.
  • Find out if the service includes post tree work cleaning. A competent tree service provider will discuss the clearing of the site after the tree work. Ask if this service is covered or requires additional cost. 
  • Hire a company with high experience in the industry. A company with long experience and expertise offers a high level of quality tree service. Long years of service in the industry is one of the signs of a good tree service company. 

It is best to have qualified arborists do the tree work for you because they have the proper training and equipment for the job. Hiring the right arborist is an investment, but the cost of inadequate tree care is far greater. 

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